"And then there was only Cryer." Ok. Not really, but he is the only original star left. Angus T. Jones has left the show, leaving a giant hole which needs to be filled by a half-man.

Jones left the show after speaking out in several YouTube bible videos about how he felt the show was "filth." He was right, but, come on Angus, you can't say that while you're still collecting paychecks.

Apparently Jones agreed, as he's quit the show, leaving it in need of roughly 50% of a man. A lesbian! Of course! Amber Tamblyn will play a lesbian who might also be Sheen's illegitimate daughter. Yay?

That's pretty much it. There's gonna be a lesbian on the show, and that lesbian is going to be Amber Tamblyn. It's hard to feel strongly one way or another here.