There must not be a lot going on in Tampa this week, since the whole news team for the local Fox affiliate seems to have the time to analyze a Criss Angel stunt like it's the tape of the JFK assassination. Apparently Criss was using the demolition of a Florida hotel as a premise for one of his Mindfreak stunts. The news channel decided to send over a helicopter to cover it, then spend the next few days combing the tape, looking for proof that he didn't actually escape from the ruins of a demolished building. The video is full of crappy footange and serious professionals doing their absolute best to prove the Criss Angel isn't a real wizard. It's kind of funny and kind of pathetic all at the same time. In fact, next week they're going to be doing a five part series about how Santa Clause couldn't possibly deliver all those toys in just one night. Details at 11.

Click here to read the stupid article and watch the stupid video.