While Barack, AGAIN, takes over the TV waves to talk to Congress about stimulation, Animal Planet strikes gold with the premiere of Dark Days in Monkey City. Seriously, watch the preview--CGI and real monkeys starring in a fictional story with blood spraying everywhere and monkey rebellions against monkey empires. (!) Check out Stanky Snoop too, you know he's chayyyllllll. Your preview after the break. Seriously,  I bet the NY Post is loving this line-up. Because they are racist jerks.

Presidential Address to Congress on all major Networks 9/8c

Jerry Springer style politics--probably not going to happen tonight (but still crossing our fingers!)

Dark Days in Monkey City on Animal Planet 10/9c

This is probably the best thing to come around in a long time-A blend of live action and CGI monkeys, apparently battling eachother in some post apocalyptic monkey-universe, all in graphic novel form. Bravo, Animal Planet. Bravo!

Dogg After Dark on MTV 9/8c

Gotta love Snoop.

Late Show Round-Up (From Best to Worst)

Letterman 1130/1030c CBS

Ben Roethlisberger, Steve Martin

Conan 1235/1135c NBC 

Charles Barkley, Justing Long, Annuals

Craig Ferguson 1235/1135c CBS

(REPEAT) Michael Clarke Duncan, Richard Zoglin, Adele

Leno 1135/1035c NBC

Drew Barrymore, Serena Williams, will.i.am

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