Tonight's TV gives you the choice of an hour's worth of absurd comedy from the brilliant people at Scrubs, OR an hour's worth of Fringe where the team has to find out why people's brains are being liquefied (then presumably mixed with Hennessy and sipped).

Plenty more brain juice after the jump.


Scrubs on ABC 9/8c

2 weeks ago, Scrubs was in a happy place. Tonight, J.D. tries to teach compassion with the help of sesame street friends, and then Elliott and J.D. rekindle their romance.

Fringe on FOX 9/8c

Last week, Olivia Dunham kicked your ass. Tonight, the team investigates a series of murders that involve turning people's brains into liquid.

Late Show Round-Up (From Best to Worst)

Craig Ferguson 1235/1135c CBS

Talk and Performance by RZA, Jared Harris

Conan 1235/1135c NBC 

Matt Lauer, Steve Harvey, M83

Letterman 1130/1030c CBS

Evangeline Lilly, Seth Meyers, Andrew Bird

Leno 1135/1035c NBC

Rainn Wilson Paul Abdul, HoobaSTANK

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