If you're a fan of True Detective and either had an HBO Go account or were using a friend's password, YOU WERE PART OF THE PROBLEM LAST NIGHT. That problem was: HBO Go was crashing, freezing, and buffering thanks to lots and lots of traffic.

As streaming video services become the norm, rather than a novelty, this seems to be happening more and more. In fact, Netflix experienced a similar problem during House of Cards' first week, and now they've signed a deal with the devil (Comcast) to get more bandwidth so it doesn't happen again.

Will HBO do the same thing to make sure that we as subscribers, or password misappropriators, never have to do wait again? Who knows. Maybe. Probably? No?

However, it does mean that True Detective was a pretty big hit for such a niche premise. We can't wait to see next season with Tom Cruise and Jonathan Lipnicki.