‘True Blood’ Season 3 Casting News

Wednesday, October 28 by
HBO’s True Blood is prepping for its third season and it seems that creator Alan Ball is looking to bring some more batsh*t characters to Bon Temps. Michael Aussiello at EW posted the official show casting notice. Sorry fellas, looks like next season is going to be an undead sausage party.
Check out a rundown of the cast-to-be:
Tommy Mickens – Sam’s long-lost brother
Talbot – a sarcastic vampire named after a shoe store
Jesus Valasquez – "an unordinary orderly with a heart to match his good looks"
Franklin Mott – a vampire that befriends Tara
Coot – leader of the rednecks
Jen and Missy – two college girls looking to party
Yvetta – a Czech stripper with designs on Eric
Reverand Daniels – a holy man who is going to bang the crazy out of Tara’s mom
We’d like to make a suggestion for the casting of unordinary orderly Jesus Valasquez:
Dun dun duuuuuuuuuunh!

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