Tent Reznor has mellowed out a lot later in his career, but it's nice to see him channel some anger against the man. The man in this instance is everyone's favorite whipping boy, the Grammys ceremony itself. Even though they've made an effort to put slightly less accessible acts like Arcade Fire, NIN, and Queens of the Stone Age in the last spot, the last spot has always felt a little like tokenism.

And it more than "felt like" tokenism last night when the ceremony chose to cut into Queens of the Stone Age's "My God Is The Sun" to throw up some title cards for the producers, the production company, then give big ups to everyone's favorite indie airline, Delta, for flying Taylor Swift around.

Reznor offered up, via Twitter, "Music's biggest night... to be disrespected. A heartfelt FUCK YOU guys."

It's nice to see Trent still has that fire. And yes, the Grammys suck. Let's just acknowledge it and move on, rather than turning it into a whole thing.

Nine Inch Nails Queens of the Stone Age with... by Bear1966