In an almost-unnerving sense of life (or death) imitating art, Treme actor Michael Showers was found dead, floating in the Mississippi River. He was 45. His body was noticed by a steamboat captain yesterday morning, though he is thought to have been floating in the river for at least two days at that point.

Showers played New Orleans homicide Captain John Guidry on the show, which examines New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and in the context of the rebuilding process.

Though similarities between this tragedy and other deaths during Katrina abound, the death als mirrors one from the first season of the show, in which John Goodman's character killed himself by jumping off of a steamboat into the Mississippi River.

David Simon issued a typically eloquent statement about the loss:
"Michael Showers was a fine actor who contributed his talents to our drama in the warmest and most professional way. We enjoyed his work -- and working with him. Going forward, we're going to miss having him as part of our production. All of which seems of little import in light of the loss of a man's whole life, and what that loss truly means to him, his family, his friends. Our respect and condolences go to them, especially."

The circumstances of the death ar unknown at this time.