Days are getting shorter and temperatures are getting colder, which means staying in and watching TV is even more appealing. Plus, everyone is broke, but luckily, you have the series premiere of Worst Week and three hours of Heroes to keep you busy tonight. Read on for our previews of both.

Worst Week
Airs: CBS at 9:30PM
It started off as a British show called Th Worst Week of My Life, but CBS has slapped a fresh coat of star-spangled paint on the series and created one of the most anticipated new comedies of the fall season. The plot revolves around an average guy named Sam (Kyle Bornheimer) whose constant screw-ups and mishaps make him look like a jackass in front of his soon-to-be in-laws.

It's the kind of show that will make you incredibly embarrassed, but in the best way possible. Think of the time you accidentally crapped your pants in fifth grade. Now imagine that it happened to someone else instead of you. That's the kind of satisfaction you can expect. Oh, and where else, besides fetish porn sites can you see a man get puked on and then put on a plastic diaper?

Airs: NBC 8PM is a bonus hour of recaps and featurettes, which leads into the 2-hour premiere at 9PM
The writers had a lot of big things planned for the second season of Heroes, but the writer's strike swooped in like the Joker and jabbed a pencil into the eye of one of the most popular shows on TV. The result was a shortened season that left fans feeling like someone had attacked them with a kryptonite butt plug.

Season 3 is ready to get things back on track, though. Press like myself and attendees at Comic Con this year have all see the first hour of the premiere and have been impressed with the sheer amount of ground they cover. Also, there's news that some of the worst characters, like Micah will be out of the mix this time around. Let's hope they can do the same thing to Maya. According to the Season 2 DVDs, the virus was supposed to actually get released and it was Maya's destiny to absorb the virus and save the world. Of course, none of that happened, so maybe they'll just pretend she was a dream the whole time and get back to the characters that are actually interesting.

I guess all of your questions will be answered tonight...or tomorrow when you come to read our handy recaps.