Maggie Q is busy up in Toronto kicking butt on the set of her new CW show “Nikita.” The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills got a sneak peak at the second episode last night. The rest of us get to see it tonight. Executive producer Craig Silverstein was there to tell us about the sexy, badass movies Q will unleash in the next few weeks.

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“In the fourth episode, she takes on about six guys at once in a sweatshop with a telescoping baton,” Silverstein said. “It is probably the coolest sequence we have up to that point. It’s really amazing. In the episode we’re going to screen tonight, there’s Maggie behind a 50 caliber sniper rifle which is always cool. She fights Michael (Shane West) in the third episode.”

When you’re playing a rogue assassin trying to take down your evil agency, it’s pretty serious stuff. Silverstein wants to give Nikita a few lighter moments for the sake of Maggie Q. “She’s really, really funny and she has a very edgy and dark sense of humor, which is something that I didn’t know before I met her. There’s not a lot of chances for Nikita to crack jokes but since she’s so funny, we’re trying to figure out how we can make that work in the show.”

Maybe all you know about “Nikita” is those giant billboards of Maggie Q’s leg with the phoenix tattoo on her hip. That’s enough to make you watch anyway. “[CW Marketing EVP] Rick Haskins masterminded the billboard campaign but the tattoo is all Maggie,” Silverstein said.

“Nikita” is based on the French film “La Femme Nikita,” the USA series “La Femme Nikita” and I guess als the American remake “Point of No Return.” But, this is the first time Nikita has turned on Division. It’s after the events of those other movies and shows, but you’ll still see new recruits trained to be assassins.

“It’s a sequel and you’re also getting the origin story through Alex (Lindsy Fonseca) so it’s a bit of a remake. So it’s a sequake, okay? It’s a cross between a sequel and a remake. It’s a sequake, TM, © Registered.”

If you’re a little confused about how the timing of all that works, don’t worry. They’ve got it all mapped out. “Believe me, we’re all about the math. We have a giant timeline in our writer’s room that says what happened when and where.”

“Nikita” airs Thursday nights on The CW.