Today In ‘Oh, NBC!': Keenan Thompson Gets His Very Own Sitcom

Tuesday, November 20 by
What are you so happy about? You're going to star in a crappy sitcom.  

Yup. Someone’s making the leap from Saturday Night Live to a sitcom at NBC. That almost never happens. I wonder if he’ll play an overwhelmed, but lovable dad…

Keenan Thompson is queued up to write and star in his own sitcom. Because NBC thrives on bleeding-edge programming that definitely isn’t for everyone, Keenan’s character will play a married guy who moves from NYC to the suburbs and kills his in-laws in a drunken rage, forcing him to struggle through every day, consumed by his guilt and darkness.

Just kidding. He has to live with his in-laws in the suburbs. Much less edgy. Lorne Michaels will, of course, produce, because all the actors on Saturday Night Live are his property until they gross $500 million.

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