Apparently NBC is in good enough shape that it doesn't find itself beholden to series that capture a measly 1.0 in the coveted "18-49" demographic.

(As a TV journalist, I am legally obligated to put the terms "coveted" or "prized" or "much sought-after" in front of the "18-49" demographic.)

Back to Animal Practice. Animal Practice was a terrible show that starred the guy from Weeds. It was about vets, but only as much about vets as it was about monkeys acting like little people. It's been pulled from the line-up and will be replaced by Whitney on November 14th.

Until then, it's unknown what will go in its timeslot. My vote? I would just cut my losses if I was NBC and put the "Soup Nazi" episode of Seinfeld in any schedule gaps. Who would complain? People who like Whitney?

I don't think so. Those people don't exist.