If you have no idea what that headline means, then you're apparently in the majority, and it means the good guys one. The good guys are the ones who didn't let TMZ and CW boss their way around to shove a manufactured celebrity down our throats in even more blatant fashion than usual.

Let's bring you up to speed. The CW, teaming up with TMZ, bet Famous in 12, a show on the ability of the celebrity gossip site to make celebrities out of the Artiaga family from Beaumont, CA in 12 episodes of their own show. Turns out that they overextended themselves, America didn't give a damn.

YAY, America!

Turns out after 5 episodes, it was clear that the experiment was a bust, and the Artiaga family, who had been moved out to LA to become stars, are just a regular ole' fame whoring bunch. Nothing to see here, folks.