It's the end of an era. A stupid, stupid era. TLC has announced that it has cancelled Kate Plus 8, the mass-marketed sideshow that featured the divorcee and her gaggle of children that for some reason served as a voyeuristic escape for women in middle America.

Once Jon Gosselin was removed from the show, with him went that sweet Ed Hardy product placement cash, causing the show to circle the drain for a few years before ultimately collapsing. Note: this is just a theory of mine.

But fear not, weirdos who like this show! You won't have to quit your dependence on this woman and her flock cold-turkey. TLC has issued a statement, offering, "TLC hopes to check in with Kate and the family periodically with specials in the future."

Oh thank God.

Perhaps some specials we can look forward to:

Kate Finds Out How Much College Is Going To Cost And Takes The Kids On A Special Trip To The Bottom Of  A Lake

Kate Gets Back On The Dating Scene, Trying To Convince Potential Suitors That Raising 8 Children Isn't An Interminable Nightmare

Why Is Daddy In The Kitchen Making Us Pancakes?

Gosselin Survivor: Which Child Will Get Voted Off Next?

Kate Crying For 90 Minutes Straight