As millions of people are freeing themselves from the shackles and expense of pay cable subscriptions, the two big guys on the block, Comcast with 22 MM subscribers, and TWC with 11 MM, have decided that if they align forces and merge...NOTHING CAN STOP THEM.

Which is sort of true.

Should the FCC and DOJ bless this merger, the supercompany will have the ability to use its leverage to avoid the CBS blackout fiasco that happened last year.

But beyond that, the consumer won't be terribly affected, as they don't really have much overlap in their service areas. You didn't have a choice before, and you still won't have one now. But a merger would allow the each company to put the other's most restrictive practices in place, which doesn't sound like it could, in any way, be a good thing.

The good news is that this is perhaps the last move either company has as they lose ground to Apple TV, Netflix, pirating, or people just staring out the window, looking at birds.