It will appeal to the growing segment of people who are sexually excited by small hands and big heads.

NBC has granted Cee-Lo, former member of Goodie Mob and all-around ridiculous human being, a first-look deal for projects. The first type of project being discussed is a sitcom, because I've always said that Cee-Lo is the black David Schwimmer.

This means that the "suits" at NBC (though I imagine them as wearing shorts, suspenders, bow ties, and propeller beanies) have granted development deals to 50% of the judges on the voice, following a potential comedy about Adam Levine's life.


Now they just need to give Blake Shelton a program about being a divorced Georgia firefighter and Christina Aguilera a 17-episode arc on 30 Rock. Then the "suits" can sit back and just watch the money not roll in.

NBC should just become a ward of the state. This is insanity.