This Thursday TV Preview Is A Rerun

Thursday, January 29 by

With repeats of 30 Rock and The Office, the final audition round for American Idol, and a Super Bowl Bash, there’s nothing too hot on TV to get your panties in a bundle over. That being said, there are always solid movies–so pop up some Redenbacher Indiana Hoosier-berries and watch some Toob. Here are your options.

American Idol  (Final Audition Round-then, who gives a !#@$?)

Producers taking people who actually think they are amazing at singing and then destroying their dreams with a British asshole=Great TV!

VH1 Superbowl Bash 9/8c on VH1

Jerry O’Connell hosts a concert in Tampa with Fall Out Boy, Rihanna, Lifehouse, and a handful of NFL superstars.

American Psycho 8/7c on IFC

That dance Batman does after he turns on Huey Lewis is truly amazing.

Transporter 2 8/7c on FX

Chin breaking stair falls, ball shots, paint cans to the face–all with a fire hose.

Annie Hall 8/7c on TCM

Woody, you IDDDDIOT.


Late Show Round-Up (From Best to Worst)

Leno 1135/1035c NBC

Jenna Fischer, Justin Long, Franz Ferdinand

Conan 1235/1135c NBC

Jon Stewart, Mary Lynn Rajksub, Mike Birbiglia

Craig Ferguson 1235/1135c CBS

Dominic Monaghan, Rosemarie DeWitt

Letterman 1130/1030c CBS 

Renee Zellweger, Tony Dungy, Graham Nash


Happy Viewings To You Good Sir–


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