This Is Not a Dream: CBS Kills ‘Medium’ Mid-Season

Thursday, November 18 by

Bad news for people who like bad television. CBS has canceled Patricia Arquette‘s supernatural thriller, “Medium.” According to The Hollywood Reporter, series creator Glenn Gordon Caron confirmed the cancellation online.

“It’s true. Allison Dubois will dream her last dream on Fri 1/21. In what we believe will be a series defining episode, Allison and her family will stare destiny in the eye. And destiny will not blink.”

That’s sounds like a pretty intense final episode. I’m a bit of a psychic myself, so let me take a crack at guessing what happens. Patricia Arquette’s character will have a reoccurring dream about a crime, but despite her stellar track record of solving mysteries, everyone will dismiss her. Then, she’ll have another, slightly more detailed dream with a shocking twist, and she’ll be forced to take action herself to save the day. Am I close? I’m close, aren’t I?

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  1. November 18, 2010 1:20 pm


    Sad about that although last few episodes were disappointing but so was House and Lie to Me the only other network shows I watch. Maybe bad tv but was one of my guilty pleasures. Want to know why.

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