"Beavis and Butt-Head" is coming back to MTV this summer, so a whole new generation of kids get to marvel at authority figures begrudgingly saying "Butt-Head." The cast of "Skins," MTV's new PTC scapegoat, announced the revival of the animated duo at the channel's upfront in New York City, THR reports.

This isn't much of a surprise, given Mike Judge made his intentions to resurrect the show last July. Since MTV doesn't play videos anymore, Judge might have to find a new way to easily knock out 60% of the show's run time. Maybe he'll adopt a "Mystery Science Theater 3000" approach this time around, having them comment on cheesy movies. Or in a meta twist, he could have them watching MTV's lineup of reality programs, offering up commentaries on the"Jersey Shore" and "Real World." Or maybe it will be YouTube videos. Don't cost nuthin'.

Their return begs a host of other questions as well. Will the two be the same age? Will Mr. Anderson be returning, or does the use of his likeness in "King of the Hill" preclude Judge from re-introducing him? But the biggest question will be: Will fans of the original be able to enjoy, or even tolerate these characters 17 years later?