Comedy Central's hit show South Park has inspired all kinds of merchandise, from T-shirts to actual Cheesy Poofs to South Park Airlines, which provides direct flights from Atlanta to Denver on planes painted to look like various South Park characters and flight attendants dressed as Chef. Now, there's going to be an RPG (or "role-playing game") based on the show which is sure to either be mocked or completely ignored on South Park.

Players are categorized by five unique classes: "Fighter, mage, thief, cleric and Jew." Yes, "Jew" is one of the classes in the game. And as you can see from the picture, it looks like the people at Obsidian Entertainment have nailed the visual style of the show in addition to the sense of humor. So, if you're into RPGs, and you like South Park, start stocking up on bandwidth and Doritos now. (Rock Paper Shotgun)