It's all there in the headline, but some more details are probably due.

After a decent response to its airing of the pilot episode in black-and-white in July, The Walking Dead will be running its first two seasons in all that colorless wonder in February, according to showrunner Glen Mazzara.

Having not seen the black-and-white pilot, I wonder if the absence of color lends the show any more gravity, as we all suspect it would. Entertainment often seems more important and iconic when drained of its color. I'm sure this holds true for The Walking Dead, too. At least until T-Dog shows up and goes "Aww hell no!" when he sees a zombie.

Then the show will go back to seeming pretty unimportant.

But then we'll see Daryl do something awesome in black-and-white, and the show will feel important again.

And back and forth, up and down, like bubbles in a lava lamp until the show is cancelled.