"The Walking Dead" premiered at long last! Everyone was so excited that the entire country dressed up in costumes and had parties and went trick-or-treating, JUST to celebrate this shows premiere! What did you think of it (post a comment, let's discuss)? The ScreenJunkies review can be found here, and my review can be found here so I don't need to review it again. But what we wanted to do each week was have a post where we can discuss the show and point out some of the cooler moments, so let's do it.

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Quickie Synopsis:

Episode 1, in which Rick Grimes gets shot and wakes up from a coma in zombie world. He tries to goes home, meets a man and his son, learns the zombie rules, and heads to an abandoned Atlanta in search of his wife and son. Does not find: wife and son. Does find: shitload of zombies, tank.

Best Bits:

The Opening

I love that the show opened with this creepy little bit. AMC and Darabont are willing to show us right off the bat that they haven't toned down the story or made concessions to the TV format. More about the zombie girl below.

Rick in the Hospital Stairwell

This whole scene was really cool, with the locked doors (DONT OPEN/DEAD INSIDE), but the best bit was Rick's short journey down the stairs to the exit. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for horrible shuffling and moaning sounds in the pitch black or for Rick to light a match to reveal a zombie RIGHT behind me. Of course, he got out of there without incident, but man, tense, good stuff.

Morgan's Wife Comes Knocking

Another creepy scene. Morgan's undead wife walks right up to the house, and looks RIGHT at us before trying the door knob. I love there's a horror show on the air. I hope they keep up with the scary as the show moves on.

Rick Returns to Mercy Kill his First Zombie

First of all, the make up and effects are great here. And isn't this a really pathetic, sad zombie? Even more so than Morgan's wife. This scene speaks volumes about Rick's humanity and the lengths he'll go to to preserve it. If the show is like the comics, you're going to see Rick REALLY struggle with his morals as the series moves forward.

Morgan Can't Pull the Trigger

Contrasted with Rick's mercy kill is Morgan trying to do the same for his wife. Awesome acting by Lennie James as he breaks down and ultimately can't go through with it. Not sure if the show will last long enough for this to happen, but Morgan does show up again down the line in the comic.

Rick Comes Across a Dead Family

Wow. So, so bleak for a TV show. And gory too. Not much to say about it, but again, I love that they aren't pulling punches.

Zombie Horde in the City

Rick chases after a chopper (imagined?) and runs into a shit load of zombies. It's a great "oh f--k" moment and it's always fun to see a mob of zombies. The horse disagrees with me.


Our first Kill of the Week isn't a wacky zombie death, or some crazy death like a head getting split in half with a shovel (see: Day of the Dead), but it's a really important scene in the show, with great practical effects, decent CGI blood (better than The Expendables), and kick-ass zombie with no lower half of it's body. For sheer impact and importance zombie Kill of the Week has to go to Rick vs the Torso Zombie. 


Zombie of the Week was almost the Torso Zombie, but the little girl in the beginning JUST edged it out. For a few reasons: First, she's wearing slippers. I don't think a zombie would be able to keep slippers on for long, but bless her heart, that shuffling paid off. Second, she picks up her stuffed rabbit. It might be a nod to "Lost" (or maybe not) but there's something sad about it. I think she spends her time walking around the cars, dropping and picking up her rabbit over-and-over again. And last, she looked awesome. Super creepy, great make up. A kid zombie! A couple minutes into the show! I love it.


Week 1 Zombie Kills: 13

Series Zombie Kills Total: 13