While this announcement hardly counts as "drama," it is very likely the result of the recent shake-ups and tumult AMC's hit zombie series The Walking Dead has experienced. The show's premiere  on October 16th has been expanded to 90 minutes, possibly to assuage die-hard fan's ire from the other announcement that the second half of the season will be delayed until February 12.

The first six episodes of season two will go on as planned, but the back six will be delayed two-and-a-half months. Now, disappointing or not, this is probably a pretty sound strategy on behalf of the producers. Firstly, it's silly to fault them for wanting to delay the second half in order to put out the best product they can in light of past writing shake-ups and showrunner Frank Darabont's abrupt departure. Secondly, it's not like The Walking Dead is running a 22-episode season. They have a scant twelve episodes this season, up from six last season. During the barren month of December, I'm sure they're not clamoring to have their show competing with holiday parties, family functions, and vacations, especially with a Sunday night timeslot.

So get disappointed, but don't get mad. This sounds like the right move.