The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, February 9th with a mid-season premiere that promises to be even darker than previous seasons.  Good, because frankly graphic murder images like these just weren't doing it for me anymore...


Ugh, not enough guts.


I'm as bored from this kill as that hippie zombie chick behind him.


To kick off the somehow-darker-and-more-existential-than-ever-before mid-season premiere, here's a drinking game that will make you feel like the walking dead the next day.  (See what I did there?  Yeah, it was terrible.  I know.)




  • The first time you see a zombie.

  • A zombie attack begins.

  • A zombie is killed.

  • Someone dies.  If it's a character you liked, chug until the pain goes away.

  • Someone runs out of ammunition at a critical moment.

  • For every dramatic, elongated closeup.

  • Rick gives a heroic speech or talk of some sort.  Drink twice if it's directed at Carl.

  • Daryl is the biggest badass you wish you knew.

  • Glenn gets too emotional.

  • Carl does something stupid that puts himself or someone else in danger.

  • Someone goes missing, or someone who was missing shows up.

  • Someone or a group is trapped by zombies.

  • Someone is clearly having a nostalgic inner moment, thinking about the "better times," when they weren't constantly running meandering away from zombies for their lives...