The Super Troopers guys are known for their high-concept stoner work so far, having put together the aforementioned Super Troopers, Beerfest, Club Dread, and all that jazz. But now they're taking things a little more domestic with Quality Time, a pilot they're preparing for TBS.

The show will feature fictionalized versions of the Broken Lizard (their comedy troupe) members' lives.

Before you get too excited (I sensed you were getting excited) you should know that perhaps the most prominent member of the troupe, Jay Chandrasekhar, will not be joining them. He's enjoyed a pretty strong career directing comedy in television, so he doesn't have time for this crap. Just kidding. He will most likely be directing much of the effort, as he's directed all of their films to date.

It sounds promising, since these guys will probably offer up a take on adulthood that you won't get from Modern Family or the like.