You've all laughed hysterically at the Peanuts vs. Goodfellas mash-up, but according to an interview with executive producer, Al Jean, this year's Simpsons Halloween show will poke fun at The Great Pumpkin as well as the Transformers. With all of that great stuff from our childhoods jammed together, there's a real chance we all might die of a nostalgia overdose.

Jean spilled all kinds of beans when he talked to Sci-Fi, saying that they went so far as to lock down the original music for the Peanuts gag. The Transformers bit is, sadly, going to be based on the movie and not the original series, but it still sounds like it can be really funny. Here's hoping they actually landed Peter Cullen to voice Optimus Prime.

The interview itself is a little spoiler-heavy if you like going into shows blind, and it even has some info about next year's Halloween show, which will feature a 28 Days Later spoof. Read it, if you want to know or just hang around until the first Sunday after Halloween to see it.

From: Sci-Fi