‘The Simpsons’ Shameless Rating Grabs Continue With Plans For More Crossovers And Character Deaths

Monday, July 21 by
Maybe they should just keep them in LEGO form to maintain their ratings.  

This past Sunday, at the Television Critics Association press tour, the producers of The Simpsons shared with the world their upcoming plans for the new season. Unfortunately, “making the show better, like in Season 6″ wasn’t one of their tactics.

Rather, they’re just gonna kill off some another character and do crossovers with Family Guy, which will be an hour-long episode (actually written by Family Guy writers, which we discussed here) and a new crossover with Futurama.

Ok. That’s all fine, I guess, but not very encouraging. The show has recently seemed to be more and more dependent on gimmicks, which is a sign, at least in my opinion, of desperation. However, the gimmick thing may be working, as the LEGO crossover got the show some of its highest ratings in the past few years.

However, it’s unlikely that a Futurama crossover would really expose the show to anyone who wouldn’t already be watching it anyway.

In case you were wondering about who was likely to die in the new season, it’s Krusty the Klown’s dad, Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky. So…


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