‘The Simpsons’ Denied Animated Emmy Nom For First Time Since…Ever

Thursday, July 10 by
A stunned reaction from the cast.  

The Simpsons has become a bit of a foregone conclusion in the past decade or so, and that’s totally mean to be a backhanded compliment. It’s depended on and appreciated for being around, but it’s unremarkable in almost every sense these days.

Historically, that’s been plenty good to at least get an Emmy nomination, but when the list of nominees was announced this morning, the denizens of Springfield were nowhere to be found.

Now, The Simpsons has been so firmly entrenched in pop culture that an Emmy nod didn’t really mean much, but as its relevance wanes, it’s possible that the show’s life might depend more and more critical acclaim and bragging rights, since it’s fan base is about 40 years old by now, and a little busy raising teenagers to watch cartoons.

Technically, the show didn’t get the nod in ’93 and ’94, but that’s just because the show was up for the more general (and prestigious) Outstanding Comedy Series, so we’re going to say that the streak ends now.

I bet Nelson Muntz would have something very appropriate to say right about now.

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