Despite The Simpsons' dwindling ratings and borderline non-existent relevance, Fox may be going forward with an idea I had while I was stoned my Junior year on high school...and again when I was stoned my Sophomore year of college. News Corp. COO Chase Carey has floated the notion of creating a channel dedicated solely to The Simpsons. But don't get too fired up. It could take a while.

Before the channel can be launched, production of new episodes has to stop and all current syndication contracts must expire and replaced with new ones. I don't really see this move accomplishing much besides cutting into DVD sales, but I don't know how the series does in syndication. The series has some die-hard fans, but even their tolerance for seeing the same episodes must be tested as we are a week away from the 23rd season premiere.

That said, I would probably still watch this channel as much as I would any other channel, so sure, News Corp., go nuts.