After years and years of catty digs at one another, television's feuding families will finally meet face-to-face. The Simpsons and The Griffins will finally meet this fall when the cast of Family Guy appears on The Simpsons. However, based on TVLine's description, it won't be the bloodletting we're all expecting.
It doesn’t matter in the least to Homer that Peter is (in his jaundiced eyes) albino — in no time, the plus-sized pals are drinking brews and debating whether Duff or Pawtucket is the better beer. Meanwhile, Stewie is charmed by Bart’s old-school mischief; Lisa makes it her mission to find Meg’s talent (good luck with that!); and Marge and Lois become bosom buddies.

It's all well and good that television's most popular animated families are burying the hatchet, but I recommend that they don't let Quagmire near Marge. Things didn't go so well the last time those two met.