Like so many other projects, this proposed series from The Rock and Jerry Bruckheimer would be so much better if it could score the cable television treatment, rather than a network deal. The aforementioned have teamed up to shoot a drama pilot recreating the era of 1980's wrestling, so whatever insight into the presumably insane world of professional wrestling during its heyday will be pretty much neutered by network standards and practices.

It's a safe bet that, unless they can stop time, this pilot will be a mid-season replacement or for next fall, as the schedules for this fall have been set and production won't even come close hitting a late-September deadline. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will be executive producing rather than surprising, which makes sense.

Though it's not stated, I would assume that this project would fictionalize the era, rather than try to license the likenesses of all those wrestlers/caricatures that we held/hold so dear. So after years of repairing Arab-American relations, in 2012, we will have some fictionalization of the Iron Sheik to completely shatter that glass.