NBC, in a radical move to get itself out of the network TV doghouse, has decided to remake a game show from the entertainment capital of the world, Israel. "Still Standing" is a trivia-based game show, but one in which lagging contestants are dropped through trap doors, falling fifteen feet onto a hard concrete surface, with no cushion of any kind.

Ok, that last part I made up. They probably fall onto a giant cushion or some pile of mattresses from sponsor Sealy or something. NBC has picked up the show for eight up episodes, which means that the show will run for at least seven-and-a-half episodes after audiences tire of it. In Israel, the show has enjoyed a lengthy tenure of almost three months and has increased ratings in its time slot by 50%. Don't let the fact that the time slot was previously occupied by a Palestinian version of "Family Matters," "Still Standing" is gonna be a winner. (The Wrap)