[post-album postid="27536" item="5"]Jenna Fischer's decision to ruin her body by giving birth to a child is good news for The Office writers. In an interview with Vulture, the actress reveals that her real life pregnancy will be written into show with Pam and Jim announcing their second child is on the way. How that is possible on a paper salesman's salary, I do not know.

The real-life pregnancy overlapped with last season's Valentine's Day episode where Fischer and her on-screen husband, John Kraskinski, totally boinked. “When we started shooting that [Valentine’s Day] episode, I thought to myself, If everything goes well, this is going to be a very, very convenient coincidence,” Fischer said. “And I think I found out I was pregnant when we were shooting that episode.”

She also revealed she knows who Steve Carell's replacement is, but isn't allowed to say. If she's sure that nothing will change her mind, I'll put my nipple away. But only if she's sure.