The mystery behind Steve Carell's (slightly) early departure from"The Office" now makes a lot more sense. Will Ferrell will be picking up the slack during a four-episode arc. If I knew Carell was leaving, and I had Ferrell in my pocket, I'd be all, "Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, BITCH!" to Steve Carell. But NBC's probably a more gracious bunch.

Ferrell will play a manager from corporate who comes to Scranton to aid in the transition, which is pretty meta if you think about it. It's not explicit, but presumed, that Ferrell will get mock-angry a bunch during the four episodes and say "GOD!" in disgust at least 15 times.

Surprisingly, Ferrell actually approached the producers of "The Office" to offer his service, as he's a fan of Carell, the show, and NBC in general, having gotten his start on"Saturday Night Live." (Deadline)