I was a huge fan of the original BBC Office when it came out. When the American version rolled around, my initial impression was that it was a rehashing of another culture's jokes, watered-down for an audience that is unaccustomed to dry Brit wit. But the show really did find it’s footing pretty fast and has become one of the best things on TV. 

The success of the US adaptation led to a slew of vehicles in France, Canada, and Chile. Now Russia is taking a shot at it.  I managed to get a copy of the script for the pilot. Luckily, I read Russian so here’s a quick synopsis:

"Things are not going so well at the local Vodka Distillery.  There have been more reports of blindness. The government owned oil company is attempting forceful takeovers of all local producers as a way to increase their consolidation of power. Vlady puts Mikhailovich’s state-provided stapler in a Jello Mold. Mikhailovich assassinates Vlady. Everyone gets drunk for breakfast. Hilarity and social awkwardness ensues."

BBC Has the Story