The economy must be looking up because the Sabre Corporation's Scranton branch is hiring. The Office" is seeking two new cast members in addition to a new boss to join the program next season.

The casting calls for a woman who is "Scranton hot" (so, like, a six or seven in New York) to join the staff as Pam's new assistant. She is "pleasant and smart" and used to work at a retirement where she saw your nana naked.

The other role calls for a young man who is "good-looking, but not WB looking" (so... My9 looking?) to join the accounting department. This is likely his first professional job and he's just happy to have the work.

There's also talk of Stanley's daughter joining as a series regular. That role is currently being cast. Keep an eye on this one. These are the stars of tomorrow's rom-coms after all. (Entertainment Weekly)