R.I.P., Nard-Dawg. We hardly knew ye.

Showrunner Greg Daniels finally confirmed what many had been predicting since the departure of star Steve Carell what seems like fifteen years ago – The Office will be ending its run after this season.

While this may be bittersweet to those have fallen in and out of love with the gang from Scranton, the final season could afford the show a delightful "who gives a rat's ass?" attitude that the producers are already demonstrating by picking up Clark Duke and Jake Lacy as 20-something drones, and revealing who is behind the documentary team that's been producing all this "footage."

So, gather ye rosebuds, wish the gang a fond farewell, and see if they can outdo themselves knowing that NBC owes them a lot of latitude after The Office kept its ass afloat for a half-dozen years or so.