While not much is known about the forthcoming second season of HBO's breakout hit True Detective, creator Nick Pizzolatto has dropped a few bombs of truth on fans. For one, there will be three completely new leads, lest you thought Harrelson and McConaughey would reprise their roles.

Those leads have not been cast yet, but there are plenty of suggestions out there. Pizzolatto said casting will begin "in earnest" in a few weeks.

Secondly, the show is moving to a totally new eerie setting in California. But not LA or San Fran. NOT EVEN ORANGE COUNTY. It's going to take place in lesser-known (read: creepier) areas of CA, hopefully replicating the quiet discomfort that we were able to get from Louisiana last season.

And that's pretty much all that's known at this point. Let's take a breath so we can get all fired up when they announce the leads.