Lest you think that some level of activity on Twitter will change the course of events for fictional characters living 40 years in the past, think again. With the first half of Mad Men's final season in the bag, showrunner Matt Wiener has been making the rounds, and he's said that nothing anyone can do will change the course of events for the show in the final eight episodes.

Now, we can read into that innocuous statement all we want and scream, "WHAT IS HE FORESHADOWING? WHAT WOULD WE WANT TO CHANGE? DOES SALLY DIE?"

But we're not gonna, because it's pointless and won't change a thing. Just like voting in a democratic election.

He also assured us that there won't be any spinoffs or sequels. So if you were looking to Better Call Meredith! to get your fix of the SCDP crew, think again. It's not going to happen, though we'd all like to know how Meredith spends her down time. Probably staring at a wall quietly.