The ‘Insidious’ Sequel Is Profitable, So There Will Be Another One

Monday, September 16 by
Still not as scary as that weekend he spent with Hannah Horvath.  

After Insidious: Chapter 2 made $41 million opening weekend and straight-up bitch slapped Robert DeNiro‘s return to tripe after a dynamic performance in Silver Linings Playbook, it was only a matter of time before the powers that be announced a sequel. And apparently, that “matter of time” was two hours into Monday. It must have been an agonizing decision for all involved.

While a third installment was pretty much a foregone conclusion based on the box office take, James Wan, the director of the first two, wasn’t mentioned in the press release regarding the greenlit third entry. They’re probably holding out for J.J. Abrams. That guy’s good.

I’m sure development on the third will begin sometime in 2014, just as soon as they’re done counting their money from this film.

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