One can only hope that Arnold Schwarzenegger is in on this joke. The worst fears brought about from Arnold's announcement that he will return to acting have manifested themselves in "The Governator," a semi-autobiographical animated series about the former governor's departure from the capitol and back to his fictitious life on fighting crime.

A couple creative flourishes this Deadline story cites the series as having:

  • The "Arnold Cave" located under his house in Brentwood

  • A closet of "Super Suits" (Armani?)

  • A 13 year-old (!) computer whiz (there is 0% chance this kid will be white)

  • A villainous team known as "G.I.R.L.I.E. Men" (this just saddens me; I have no joke)

Hard to tell who the target market for this is going to be. It seems too contrived to appeal to anyone on an ironic level, and the kids who watch this sort of thing are (frighteningly) too young to really know who Arnold is. And adults won't watch this crap because it's a cartoon.

The character was unveiled on the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly, designed by no less than Stan Lee. Which means that of course there will be a comic book attached. Which will look awesome next to your Newt Gingrich action figures.