Here are the two girls who chugged donkey cum (and urine!) on the now infamous unaired Fear Factor episode. Guess where they're from!


Yup! These two hot twins willing to do disgusting things for money are from Florida. Weird, right? I would have thought maybe Connecticut or Colorado.

Brynee and Claire Odioso are 22 year-old's from just outside of Tampa and were to be featured on a shelved all-twins episode of NBC's recently-resurrected Fear Factor.

Of course, we don't care about their names as much as we do the fact that they drank an unholy amount of donkey ejaculate, so let's talk about that for a moment, shall we?

In the course of the contest, they had to decide who drinks the jizz and who drinks the urine (probably like they've had to so many times in real life).

Claire got the jizz, which had been sitting out in the hot sun all day, and naturally decided to go after it with a straw. TMZ fails to disclose the size of the straw, but I'm guessing it was one of those wide-diameter boba tea straws.

Claire says the semen was bitter (Duh, Claire) and that it tasted like hay, which means that Claire might have some experience eating hay as well. She also said it was "a lot thicker" than the regular human male variety that she's so familiar with.

The episode will likely never see the light of day, however, you can reenact the experience of hot girls on Fear Factor by going to a local yoga studio and forcibly shoving raw lamb kidneys down girls' throats. But don't fool them into drinking your ejaculate. I'm 90% sure that's a crime.

Honestly, I would be really surprised if this is our last post about these girls drinking donkey spunk on Fear Factor.