As you know, I was not thrilled with the premiere of “The Event,” but I knew I’d have to keep watching it. The second episode definitely picked up the excitement, not for any story complexity or alien revelations, but at least some surprise stabbings and icky arm implants. Tonight, “The Event” gets more outrageous and more intelligent, making it more fun to watch.

More not spoiler-y details after the jump...

Once again it starts after a dramatic incident has alread taken place. I wouldn’t call it a dramatic event, because it’s not “THE Event” they’re referring to, but it’s enough of a teaser to make you want to find out how they got here. Flashing back in time, we revisit some events from the end of last week’s episode.

The payoff to this is a major stunt, pretty big by TV standards and I would consider it awesome in a movie too. As long as this alien conspiracy means Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) has to survive collisions and explosions, I’ll keep watching every week. Sean gets to start being smart too. He figures out some secrets that make him a good hero. He was bewildered for the first two episodes, but this shows he’s got what it takes to survive “The Event” and take us along for the ride.

President Martinez (Blair Underwood) makes a strong play too. I knew he was oversimplifying his tactics. He’s going to have to try harder to keep the big picture in perspective. His latest tactic does give the show a chance to introduce new characters to come in for one episode at a time.

Leila’s (Sarah Roemer) kidnapping gets explored at more length. It’s fairly basic suspense but it’s well executed. Vicky (Taylor Cole) gets to be a lot more evil, so she’s a legitimately deadly villainess. Other characters remain in more of a holding pattern this week. Sophia (Laura Innes) remains a mysterious figurehead. We see her making a few judgment calls but really still playing up the enigma. Sterling (Zeljko Ivanek) just executes Martinez’s plan.

This is a promising development for “The Event.” If action can come out of nowhere, then we’ve got to watch the whole show so we don’t miss any. The story is starting to have personal ramifications, so it’s not just about who the mysterious people are but how they impact us and each other.