Full disclosure: We got most of the information for this story secondhand from two episodes of Ellen. I'm not saying that to have you question the veracity, but rather to let you know that we feel shame and inadequacy with our use of Ellen as not even a primary source. 

Nolan Gould, Modern Family's Luke, went on Ellen earlier this year to let the world know that he's adorable and has an IQ of 150. I'm assuming this is very high because a) Why would you go on TV to let the world you are of normal intelligence?, and b) taking a 13 year-old boy on TV to make him admit he's dumber than most people doesn't really seem like something Ellen would do.

Some quick verification tells me, yes, 150 is high.

ANYWAY, Nolan Gould has taken the rest of this year and has graduated from high school. Or gotten his GED. Either way, pretty impressive for a 13 year-old. He's considering enrolling in some community college classes online this fall, which means he'll probably be directing Modern Family episodes before Thanksgiving, and possibly acquiring ABC, then Disney, in a complex financial scheme that you wouldn't understand even if you had 42 MBA's and the executive committee of Bain Capital working with you.