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Over the past few weeks, Friday nights on Fox at 9/8c have just gotten a lot hotter, thanks to Joss Whedon’s new femme fatale-fest, Dollhouse.

So take a moment to get to know three of the show’s lethal ladies, and be sure to check it out tonight.  It’s Whedon, so you know he’s got some cool stuff in store.  (And yes, Buffy was a darn fine show.)

Photos and info after the jump.

Eliza Dushku stars as Echo, the most dangerous member of the "Actives" – a group of girls who assume any identity their dangerous clients desire, be it assassin, lover… whomever.

Amy Acker is Claire, the resident physician in the Dollhouse.  Insert inappropriate gynecological one-liner here.

Dichen Lachman is Sierra, the newest addition to the Dollhouse.  Her specialty is in asking targets to guess what percentage Asian she is.  This usually stirs enough debate for her to complete her missions unscathed.

While I used to be ashamed of it, I’m now willing to admit I’d like to play with dolls.  Go ahead, Fox.  You can quote me on that in Variety.

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