Following the roaring success of Sh#t My Dad Says for CBS (SARCASM), FX is sadly stumbling back to the well of Internet content for an adaptation (I guess) of the once-popular Tumblr "Texts from Bennett." The site seemed to lose steam eventually because a)Bennett was pretty much proven not to be a real person, which I guess ruined some of the magic of the Tumblr, and b) People just get sick of this stuff really quickly.

The Tumblr is the braintrust of rapper Mac Lethal, who insists his blog is "100% real." Few people would argue over whether or not the blog actually exists, but whether or not the subject, Bennett, is at all real.

Anyway, click the site or look at the picture, and you can quickly get a beat on what the level of discourse is here. If Seth Green wasn't on Dads, I would say he'd be an excellently obnoxious Bennett.