John Locke may have died on "Lost," but that actor guy who looks like him continues to work.

Though NBC didn't pick up the Terry O'Quinn / Michael Emerson pilot "Odd Jobs," because they suck and want to ruin all my fun, ABC has cast O'Quinn in the new pilot "Hallelujah." It's a musical drama from "Desperate Housewives" showrunner Marc Cherry, so if O'Quinn wasn't in it, I would find a way to anti-TiVO the show. That's where, if the show was on live, TiVO would automatically change the channel to FX for me. The cast also includes Frances O’Connor ("Cashmere Mafia"), Jesse L. Martin ("Law & Order"), Arielle Kebbel ("The Vampire Diaries") and the recent addition of Donal Logue ("Terriers").

Here's some plot for you to sing about:
The project [...] centers on a stranger who arrives in the small town of Hallelujah, Tenn., which is being torn apart by the forces of good and evil. He brings with him peace, justice and possibly faith for residents who desperately need the lift.

Yeah, when you've got a battle between good and evil for control of a small area, ya gotta bring in John Locke. It's just common sense.
Hallelujah episodes will be punctuated by songs from a gospel choir, which serves as a kind on Greek chorus.

Hmm... a gospel choir? Alright, maybe this will not be super-annoying. As long as O'Quinn doesn' break out into a song called "Evil or Good? What Should... I Do," I could quasi-watch an episode during season two at a friend's house. Maybe. (Collider, Hollywood Reporter)