Terry Bradshaw Let An F-Bomb Slip Yesterday During ‘Fox Football Daily’

Monday, September 16 by
I bet they let fly about 78 f-bombs per telecast.  

Because they’ve slotted themselves something like six hours of airtime to fill before the kickoff of an actual football game, Fox has taken to doing that thing they do on SNL in which they will air some audio and video between set changes during commercial breaks.

Because it’s something they feel we need to see.

It’s not, but it’s made much more fun when we can see the talent casually slipping f-bombs at nothing in particular. Bradshaw let one fly while talking to Jimmy Johnson, and Fox has already issued the standard “We apologize for whatever it is that you’re offended by and we’re going to address the issue to ensure it doesn’t happen again” response. They then shuffled a bunch of papers around for 15 seconds, making it look like they were addressing the problem until you stopped watching them, at which point they stepped out for a smoke and never revisited the issue again.

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