The next facet of Conan O'Briens slow, mafia-like revenge on NBC has gone into effect. CBS has greenlit a comedy pilot that the pale ginger has executive produced. Hey, it's not like sticking someone's head in a vice, but it's Conan O'Brien we're talking about. The show, titled Vince Uncensored, focuses on "a man who, after a life-changing experience, decides to take a more honest approach to his life, work and family," says Deadline. Judging by that painfully vague description, they haven't thought of an idea for the show yet, just a mediocre title, perhaps inspired by Gary Unmarried.

Conaco, O'Brien's production company, has forayed into primtetime before with lukewarm results. They produced the NBC drama Outlaw that lasted less than a season. While Conan's name attached to anything will raise an eyebrow or two, TV pilots are so touch and go that we will probably have to wait until upfronts later this year to get a feel for if this project is for real or just a flirtation with CoCo. Actually, if the show was called A Flirtation with CoCo, I think a lot more people would be talking about it right now.