After winning all the hearts with Sharknado, Syfy is pulling it back a bit. The cable network is defying expectations by not pitting C-grade talent against a Sharkalanche or a Bearnado or a Crocquake, but instead unleashing a series of Stonados on Boston -- which is just rocks that got sucked up into a tornado. Sure, that'd hurt like a bitch but that's not entertainment. One chainsawing their way through a wind-propelled shark is entertainment. You can't even chainsaw a stone!

The reason for the backpedal was to save face apparently. Stonados was originally scheduled to air back in April and introduce audiences to the concept of tornadoes sucking up dangerous things and hucking them at people really hard. Then the Boston Marathon bombing happened, and with Stonados tagline being "Boston is about to make last time," the network decided to delay the premiere. Luckily, this move did not hurt Sharknado as we all pretty much caught on without Stonados as the lead-in.

If I had a say, I'd ask that they permanently shelf Stonados and go straight to Chainsawnado. That's a threat we can all fear. Besides a much better tagline would be "Only Syfy gets you this stoned." (Deadline)